Doctoral Candidate/Research Assistant, Vanderbilt University

"My AAAS courses (particularly my Urban Education class with Charles Payne) really shaped my professional future."

Eboni Winford

Behavioral Health Consultant, Licensed Psychologist for Cherokee Health Systems in Knoxville, Tennessee

"(My major) broadened my understanding of the social determinants of health and their impact on wellness and illness."


Irina Snyder

Regional Operations Manager at Chemonics International Inc., Washington, DC

"There's so much interesting material to learn and your professors are a wealth of knowledge."

Esperanza Community Housing Corporation in Los Angeles, Calif.

"More than anything my degree in AAAS helped me gain further understanding of my own culture and the importance of history and community in the work that I do as a public health professional."

Nathan Pham

(Medical School) Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine in Cleveland, Ohio

"Although my science classes help establish the necessary background for medical school, AAAS did a better job to cultivate my critical thinking and writing skills."

Yohana Zecarias

RCA Records, New York, NY

"(My AAAS degree) has provided me a dynamic and unique perspective on consumer markets and the cultural landscape that has set me apart in developing business strategies and marketing campaigns."

Mea Warren

University of Houston Libraries in Houston, Texas

"Being a graduate of the AAAS program has shaped my professional success by being able to examine things from a variety of different lenses."