Research & Conference Travel Grants

AAAS Certificate Program Grants

Graduate students enrolled in the AAAS Certificate Program who have been enrolled at least one semester are eligible for AAAS travel grants. The grant reimburses eligible students up to $250 annually for travel, lodging, meals, fees and/or research supplies. Grants will not reimburse for purchase of gas or alcoholic beverages.

Students requesting grant reimbursement should submit a brief one-page proposal/abstract identifying research project or conference presentation, meetings or panel participation and dates of travel. Although the proposal/abstract may be submitted concurrent with receipts upon return from travel, it is advisable that the proposal/abstract be approved ahead of travel since the DGS reserves the right to deny grant funding for travel deemed inappropriate to the scholarly mission of the university or AAAS. Please send abstracts/proposals to Kerry Haynie.

Upon return from approved travel, all receipts should be submitted to Tyra Dixon. For conference travel, please also submit with receipts, a copy of the conference schedule either prior to or upon return from conference travel.


The Duke Graduate School Conference Travel Grants

The Graduate School provides up to $525 for domestic and $700 for international travel for advanced students who have passed all parts of the preliminary examination and are presenting a paper or poster at a regional, national, or international conference. | Application

Watch this video for step-by-step application instructions for students: