Recounting the 40-something years he had with his father, Mark Anthony Neal cannot remember either man pointedly uttering the words, “I love you.” But that Neal was loved was not in question. His father provided, slogging through 10-hour days, six days a week as a short-order cook. He spent Sundays manning the griddle at home, where he taught Neal the essentials: the hard fried egg, the perfect pancake, the fried bologna sandwich. Love can look so many ways. For Black fathers in the 21st century, that means reckoning… read more about The Love Languages of Black Fatherhood »

Governor Ron DeSantis announced a statewide ban on the College Board’s new Advanced Placement course for high school students in African American Studies. Professor Kerry Haynie, a member of the College Board committee that developed the framework for the course, denounced DeSantis’s claims the content indoctrinates students or that political pressures have wielded any influence on the materials in the framework, which was published Feb. 1. “We’ve been concerned to see the work of more than 300 college professors… read more about News Tip: Professor, Developer of AP Course Calls Ban Dishonest Political Stunt »

“I've spent most of my life since I was 13 working very hard to learn other people's languages,” says J. Lorand Matory. He has just come from a midterm exam in his advanced undergraduate Chinese language and culture class, Chinese being the most recent of the numerous languages he has studied. “I find it liberating to think in the terms of others who grew up thousands of miles away and have a totally different cultural history, and to try on their ways of thinking,” he says. “How can you understand other people's point of… read more about J. Lorand Matory’s “The Fetish Revisited” Wins J. I. Staley Prize »

How we relate to social groups, members of our own and others, influences how inequality arises and persists. That’s according to a Duke professor and pioneer in stratification economics, which combines sociology, social psychology, history, and economics to deepen understanding of persistent racial and ethnic disparities. "For the stratification economist, the world consists of self-seeking 'tribes' engaged in a persistent dance of negotiation and conflict, which can… read more about How Group Identities Fuel Inequality »