Newly Elected Academic Council Chair Kerry Haynie Looks Ahead at 2-Year Term

Tuesday, April 23, 2019
Haynie, associate professor of political science and African and African American studies, has had a long career in academia. Haynie was chosen to succeed Don Taylor, the current chair of Academic Council and a professor in the Sanford School of Public Policy, in a closed ballot vote by the council... Read More »

America, Take Note: Georgetown Students Are Acting on the Courage of Their Convictions

Sunday, April 21, 2019
William Darity Jr., a professor of public policy at Duke University and a scholar on the economics of reparations, told Politico that he was “admiring” what the students at Georgetown were doing. But he also urged them to work on a nationwide effort instead of going only for “piecemeal” solutions... Read More »

The Black-White Wage Gap is Growing. It's Worst in Texas.

Tuesday, April 16, 2019
The household wealth gap has a profound impact on the financial stability of black families, said William Darity, an economics professor at Duke University who studies economic inequality. It makes it harder for black families to weather recessions and personal setbacks, pass along real estate and... Read More »

Scholars Say Inequality Remains in Post-Apartheid South Africa

Tuesday, April 16, 2019
The forum, “Inequalities and the Erosion of Social Cohesion in Post-Apartheid South Africa,” featured presentations by Hiroyuki Hino, a visiting research scholar at the event host, the Duke University Center for International and Global Studies (DUCIGS), and economics professor  Murray... Read More »

Cory Booker Wants 'Baby Bonds' For Every Newborn. How Would That Work?

Monday, April 15, 2019
The plan to address those differences by giving newborns a nest egg was first developed by professors William A. Darity, of Duke University, and Darrick Hamilton, of the New School. “Its real intent is to provide every young person with an asset that could enable them to actually build or... Read More »

Leading Reparations Scholar Weighs in on Georgetown's Big Vote

Thursday, April 11, 2019
Professor William Darity speaks with ABC News about the Georgetown reparations case. WATCH

The U.S. Students Who Want To Pay Slavery Descendants

Wednesday, April 10, 2019
William Darity Jr is a professor of public policy at Duke University, and is one of the leading scholars on reparations in America. "I am refreshingly surprised that the reparations conversation has become so rich and expansive in the public arena recently," he says. "To see multiple... Read More »

This Could Be The First Slavery Reparations Policy in America

Tuesday, April 9, 2019
William Darity Jr., a professor of public policy at Duke University and one of the leading scholars on the economics of reparations, said he was “admiring” of the student efforts, while also pushing them to lay the groundwork for a nationwide effort that avoids “piecemeal” solutions. “We do need to... Read More »

Revisiting Duke University's History of Hip-Hop Course

Sunday, April 7, 2019
If there were such a thing as an academic rock star, Duke University’s Mark Anthony Neal would be one. Neal is a professor, hip-hop scholar, and author, who is a highly-sought after cultural critic. News outlets like the Huffington Postand WUNC regularly tap Neal, Chair of Duke’s African and... Read More »

'Baby Bonds' Could Help the U.S. Wealth Gap

Friday, April 5, 2019
Duke University professor William “Sandy” Darity and his onetime student Darrick Hamilton, currently serving as director of Ohio State University’s Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity, have proposed an interim step dubbed “baby bonds.” The bonds, averaging $25,000 but rising to as... Read More »