"The Palgrave Handbook of Islam in Africa" Book Launch Conference

Friday, May 14, 2021 - 10:00am


This handbook generates new insights that enrich our understanding of the history of Islam in Africa and the diverse experiences and expressions of the faith on the continent. The chapters in the volume cover key themes that reflect the preoccupations and realities of many African Muslims. They provide readers access to a comprehensive treatment of the past and current traditions of Muslims in Africa, offering insights on different forms of Islamization that have taken place in several regions, local responses to Islamization, Islam in colonial and post-colonial Africa, and the varied forms of Jihād movements that have occurred on the continent. The handbook provides updated knowledge on various social, cultural, linguistic, political, artistic, educational, and intellectual aspects of the encounter between Islam and African societies reflected in the lived experiences of African Muslims and the corpus of African Islamic texts.Friday, May 1410:00-10:30am Opening Lecture - Fallou Ngom10:30-1:00pmPanel 1: History and DiffusionSaturday, May 158:30-11:00amPanel 2: Institutions, Practices, and Creativity12:00-1:30pmPanel 3: Islam, Modernity, and the Contemporary World1:30-2:00pmConcluding Remarks - Mbaye LoFor a complete schedule - visit the zoom registration page at https://duke.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJAscOyhrTwiEt0U_6R4Bqj8tkp39Ru6244k

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