"Indispensable to All Working Women and to Mothers in the Home" A talk on global labor standards and the carework economy, 2019-20 By Eileen Boris

Thursday, October 29, 2020 - 10:15am


Eileen Boris

When the International Labour Organization proposed an eight-hour day, forty-eight-hour week a century ago, the organization effectively cordoned off care from employment. Until the 2000s, paid care work was rarely addressed by the ILO, while unpaid family care was considered only in terms of enhancing labor force participation. The ILO is now addressing the new carework economy as central for gender equality, especially noteworthy during COVID times. Will this lead to real change? Or simply to relabeling old inequalities?Please join Riikka Pratte and the students in "Women at Work" (GSF 221) for this important discussion.

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