Racial Justice in the 20th Century U.S. and South Africa

This course uses a comparative framework to assess race in two societies founded on premises of racial inequality—South Africa and the United States. We will also explore some of the social, cultural and political exchanges that have taken place between African Americans and Black South Africans over the course of the twentieth century, considering the implications of transnational historical experience. Topics covered include segregation, race relations in the countryside, twentieth century struggles for civil rights/liberation, the American anti-apartheid movement and reparations.

Black Dance

Exploration of composition and performance structures commonly described as black dance. Working with cultural criticism contemporary with emergent modes of black dance, assesses political motivations and aesthetic strategies of artists and writers working explicitly in this idiom. Considers possibility of black dance performed by people of First World, European, and Asian descent. Examines concert dance, social dance, religious dance. One course.