Black Women, Black Freedom

Examination of struggles for freedom, from nineteenth century through twenty-first, particularly through the lives of black women. Drawing on women’s history, literature, art, performance and critical theory, students interrogate meaning of various freedoms, including civic and sexual. Objective is to discern a working definition for “black freedom” by centering women in struggles for black liberation. One course / 3 units.

Global Inequality Research Seminar

Engagement of vertically integrated research teams in projects exploring racial and ethnic disparities exhibited and expressed in six arenas: employment, wealth, health, political participation, education, and arts and culture. Each team will produce a major paper that will qualify for submission to a refereed journal in the area relevant to the focus of the study. One course / 3 units.

Black Performance Theory

Exploration of methods and research approaches relevant to the construction of black performance theory. Performance Studies methodologies undergird ways of seeing and modes of analysis relevant to considerations of black art, including dance, sound and music, drama, visual art, and aesthetics of popular culture. Instructor consent required. One course / 3 units.


Explores AfroFuturism, a literary and cultural aesthetic imagining how people of color project themselves into narratives of the future. Investigation of Science fiction, fantasy literature, music, artworks, music videos, and dance to trace the concept of an AfroFuturist point of view. Creation of AfroFuturist media and performances. Artists considered include writers Samuel R. Delany and Andrea Hairston; musicians Parliament-Funkadelic and Sun Ra; filmmaker Hype Williams; performers Janelle Monae and Flying Lotus. One course / 3 units.