Fall 2020

Course Number Title Course Description Instructor
AAAS 102 INTRO AFR-AMER STUDIES A range of disciplinary perspectives on key topics in African American Studies: slavery and... Lubiano, Wahneema
AAAS 103 INTRO TO AFRICAN STUDIES A range of disciplinary perspectives on key topics in contemporary African Studies: nationalism and... Piot, Charles
AAAS 134 OLD WORLDS/NEW HISTORIES New approaches to history of the world from ca. 500 to 1500 CE. Examines the world before European... Kaiwar, Vasant
AAAS 139 HISTORY OF ROCK: R&B TO INDIE The history of rock music from the 1950s to the present. Beginning with its roots in rhythm and... Stoia, Nicholas
AAAS 140 INTRODUCTION TO JAZZ Lecture version of Music 140D. Instructor: Brown Brown, John
AAAS 190FS FOCUS SEMINARS (TOP) Topics vary semester to semester. Open only to students in the Focus Program. Instructor: Staff Neal, Mark
AAAS 196FS PATIENT ACTIVISM AND ADVOCACY In the 1960s, patients appropriated the language and tactics of the civil rights movement to... Angrist, Misha
AAAS 210 MODERN AFRICA Focuses on African history in twentieth century. Explores history of European colonialism, African... Staff, Departmental
AAAS 211 ANTHROPOLOGY OF MONEY We will explore the history and theory of money what it represents, how it circulates, the... Piot, Charles
AAAS 213 GLOBAL BRAZIL Analysis of Brazilian history and culture from 1500 to the present in transnational context, with... French, John
AAAS 214 SOUTH AFRICA: PAST AND PRESENT This course will explore the history of modern South Africa, from the beginning of the mineral... Shapiro, Karin
AAAS 217S THE ATLANTIC SLAVE TRADE The development of the slave trade from the fifteenth century to its abolition in the nineteenth... Gaspar, Barry
AAAS 218 CARIBBEAN 1492-1700 The Caribbean region from the arrival of Columbus (1492) to the emergence of sugar and slavery as... Gaspar, Barry
AAAS 220SL W AFR ROOTHOLDS IN DANCE Lecture and dance laboratory exploring three West African traditional dance forms and their... Vinesett, Ava
AAAS 220SL W AFR ROOTHOLDS IN DANCE Lecture and dance laboratory exploring three West African traditional dance forms and their... Vinesett, Ava
AAAS 220SL W AFR ROOTHOLDS IN DANCE Lecture and dance laboratory exploring three West African traditional dance forms and their... Vinesett, Ava
AAAS 224 AFRICAN DIASPORA LITERATURE Late-nineteenth-century to contemporary writers, including African American, Caribbean, and African... Jaji, Tsitsi
AAAS 227 AFRICAN AMERICAN ART Emphasis on works derived from an Afro-United States cultural perspective. Major figures include... Powell, Richard
AAAS 228S FICTIONS THAT MARK THE MOMENT Course is an engagement with novels from spectacular moments of history, an imagination of the... Lubiano, Wahneema
AAAS 232 RACE, POWER, AND IDENTITY Exploration of historic and contemporary psycho-social and socio-cultural aspects of the African... Smith, Martin
AAAS 234S COMPARATIVE URBAN POLITICS DukeImmerse Seminar. A comparative examination and analysis of urban governance in South Africa and... Haynie, Kerry
AAAS 237S RESEARCH IN URBAN POLITICS DukeImmerse Seminar. Advanced research and writing seminar. Participants produce a 30-40 page... Haynie, Kerry
AAAS 239 RACIAL ATTITUDES AND PREJUDICE Course delves into work from sociology, social psychology, and political science to explore the... Jardina, Ashley
AAAS 242S RACE, GENDER, AND SEXUALITY Gender's relationship to race and sexuality explored through a variety of issues, including health... Douglass, Patrice
AAAS 247S SOCIAL MOVEMENTS/SOCIAL MEDIA Examines uses and abuses of social media by social movements. Interested in a broader historical... Mottahedeh, Negar
AAAS 257 RACIAL/ETH MINORITIES AMER POL The politics of four of the United States principal racial minority groups blacks, Latinos, Asians... Jardina, Ashley
AAAS 269 BLACK GODS AND KINGS Surveys the spiritual, political and economic experience of those who worship African gods West and... Matory, J.
AAAS 290 SPECIAL TOPCS Topics vary from semester to semester. Instructor: Staff Haynie, Kerry
AAAS 290S SPECIAL TOPICS Seminar version of African & African American Studies 290. Instructor: Staff Cochran, Marie Toni
AAAS 316S APARTHEID S-AFRICA/DEMOCRACY Explores key themes in post World War II South African history, paying attention to the plethora of... Shapiro, Karin
AAAS 322S BALDWIN AND MORRISON This course will examine the novels and essays of James Baldwin and Toni Morrison, focusing on a... Winters, Joseph
AAAS 325S HIP-HOP PRODUCTION Introduction to Hip-Hop Production examines the history, background, functionality, and techniques... Douthit, Patrick
AAAS 331 BLACK POPULAR CULTURE The production and circulation of African American popular cultural forms including, but not... Neal, Mark
AAAS 332 BLACK THEATER WORKSHOP Explore race and culture in America through texts of Black playwrights. Scene study by racially... DeFrantz, Thomas
AAAS 343 MIGRATION & HUMAN TRAFFICKING Examination of the meaning of migration in the global world through cross-disciplinary texts and... Crichlow, Michaeline
AAAS 345 MASS INCARCERATION/CITIZENSHIP Explores in depth the presence of African Americans within the phenomenon of U.S. mass... Lubiano, Wahneema
AAAS 347S WHITE PEOPLE Against the cross-cultural backdrop of other systems of hereditary privilege and of the political... Matory, J.
AAAS 397S AFRICAN CLIMATE CHANGE The displacement of sizeable urban populations as a consequence of climate change renders African... Makhulu, Anne-Maria
AAAS 407S CAP SEM: GLOBALIZATION ASIA "Globalization": a shorthand for describing the period of extraordinary change that we are living... Mazumdar, Sucheta
AAAS 410S BLACK FRAME This course examines black documentary film by drawing on The Full Frame Archive Film Collection.... Cobb, Jasmine
AAAS 419S RACE & VALUE This course interrogates the ways scholars in the social sciences and humanities have... Harris, Deonte
AAAS 420S ROLE RACE/CULTURE ON DEVL Critical examination of racial, cultural, and social influences on development of African American... Wilbourn, Makeba
AAAS 544S RACE AND AMERICAN POLITICS A broad overview of the salience of race in the American political fabric and how it structures... Jardina, Ashley
AAAS 620S AFROFUTURISM Explores Afrofuturism, a literary and cultural aesthetic imagining how people of color project... DeFrantz, Thomas
AAAS 641S CITIZEN/SUBJECT:NEOLIBERAL AGE Explores studies of citizenship, quests to belong to a place, and institutional mechanisms people... Crichlow, Michaeline
AAAS 642S GLOBAL INEQUALITY RESEARCH Engagement of vertically integrated research teams in projects exploring racial and ethnic... Darity, William
AAAS 643S BLACK WOMEN, BLACK FREEDOM Examination of struggles for freedom, from nineteenth century through twenty-first, particularly... Cobb, Jasmine
AAAS 690S SPECIAL TOPICS Seminar version of African & African American Studies 690. Instructor: Staff McInnis, Jarvis
AAAS 720S OUTSIDERS AND INSIDERS An exploration of the phenomenon in Europe and the Americas during the nineteenth and twentieth... Powell, Richard
AAAS 740S RACIAL/ETH MINORITIES AMER POL Graduate-level course on politics of the United States' four principal racial minority groups... White, Ismail
AAAS 890S SPECIAL TOPICS Topics will vary from semester to semester. Instructor: Staff Cochran, Marie Toni