Certificate Ph.D. Requirements

  • Important Forms:  Program ApplicationPh.D. Certificate Worksheet, and Request for AAAS Ph.D. Graduate Certificate
  • Required Courses*:
    • AAAS 699S (Proseminar)
    • Three additional graduate-level courses (500-level or above), two of which must be taught by AAAS core or secondary faculty.  If not an AAAS course or a course cross-listed with AAAS, then the third course must be approved by the DGS.
    • Select either Option A, B or C:
      • Option A:  Teaching an AAAS undergraduate course OR serving as a teaching assistant.  Assistantships must be supervised by an AAAS core or secondary faculty member to be eligible for certificate credit.  Instructorships must be sponsored by AAAS or approved by the DGS if the student is seeking credit for the course.
      • Option B:  A fourth graduate course, excluding the Proseminar.  If the course emanates from outside AAAS, approval must be sought from the DGS.
      • Option C:  The development of a course proposal and syllabus for an AAAS course.  The proposal and syllabus must be approved by an AAAS core or secondary faculty member.
    • Dissertation:  A dissertation in an AAAS area with core or secondary faculty represented on the dissertation committee.