Exploring Freedom Through African-American Images

Richard J. Powell named the College Art Association's 2016 Distinguished Scholar

"In America, inequality begins in the womb" by John Komlos

May 20, 2015 at 4:22 PM EDT Editor’s note: In his last column for Making Sen$e, economist John Komlos laid out his argument for how income inequality begins at birth. In his latest piece, he broadens his explanation to include even more factors that determine a child’s future, like…
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SITPA Fellowship Call for Applications

    • sitpa
CALL FOR APPLICATIONS Duke University’s Summer Institute for Tenure and Professional Advancement (SITPA) invites applications for the SITPA Fellowship. SITPA is a mentoring and professional socialization initiative designed to facilitate the successful transition from junior faculty status to tenured associate professor for early career faculty. The underlying objective of…
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Income inequality begins at birth and these are the stats that prove it

BY JOHN KOMLOS May 4, 2015 at 3:38 PM EDT http://www.pbs.org/newshour/making-sense/plight-african-americans-u-s-2015/ Editor’s note: In this essay, Economist John Komlos argues that we must look more deeply at the recent events in cities like Baltimore, New York and Ferguson, Missouri, and consider the socioeconomic plight of young black men in…
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The Russell Sage Foundation Announces William Darity, Jr. as Visiting Scholar for 2015-16 Academic Year

    • William Darity Jr
The Visiting Scholars program, now in its thirtieth year, provides a unique opportunity for scholars to pursue their research and writing while in residence at the Foundation, and is an important part of the Foundation's effort to analyze and understand the complex and shifting nature of social, political, and…
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America can be a full-employment economy once again

BY JOHN KOMLOS March 5, 2015 at 5:53 PM EST Source: http://www.pbs.org/newshour/making-sense/america-can-be-a-full-employment-economy-once-again/ Irving Berlin was dreaming of an old-fashioned Christmas. I’m dreaming of an old-fashioned economy in which everyone has a job. I know, it was ages ago, but what are dreams for anyway? Isn’t it strange that full…
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Professor Karla FC Holloway Receives 2015 MELUS Award

    • karla holloway
Professor Karla FC Holloway will receive the MELUS Award for Distinguished Contribution in Ethnic Studies. She is the James B. Duke Professor of English at Duke University. She is a cross-disciplinary scholar also holding appointments in the School of Law, the Program in Women’s Studies, and the Department of…
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NEH Grants Awarded to AAAS (in Collaboration with the Research Network on Racial and Ethnic Inequality) and Matory's Center for African & African American Research

The National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) has awarded AAAS, in collaboration with the Research Network on Racial and Ethnic Inequality, a grant to conduct a three-week summer institute for secondary school teachers to be held in July 2013 on "African American Literature and Social History." Professor J. Lorand…
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Achievement Gap at Duke: Investigating the Factors Influencing the Academic Performance of Black Students

Senior Distinction Project by Dayo Oshilaja April 22, 2011 Download full paper here:
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    • Sat Feb 13
    • The Earth, Wind, and Fire...This Time: In Appreciation of Maurice White by Law Ware
    • The Earth, Wind, and Fire...This Time: In Appreciation of Maurice Whiteby Law Ware | @Law_Ware | NewBlackMan (in Exile)To fully appreciate the work of Earth, Wind & Fire founder Maurice White, we must understand the historical context that influenced his work. Earth, Wind and Fire became household names at a time of national strife. After the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. in April of 1968, Chicago, Maurice White's hometown, erupted into chaos. The 1968 Chicago
    • Fri Feb 12
    • Live from the Reading Room: Arturo Schomburg to Langston Hughes
    • 'This podcast features a letter between two leading 20th century figures: bibliophile/collector/activist Arturo Schomburg (founder of the Schomburg Center) and poet/activist/playwright/author Langston Hughes. In the letter, read aloud by read aloud by Steven Fullwood (Curator of the Schomburg's Manuscripts, Archives and Rare Books Division), Schomburg writes to Hughes regarding collection acquisitions collected during his travels throughout the African Diaspora and Russia.'
    • Fri Feb 12
    • Environmental Racism and the Future of Urban Social Movements: Katrina After 10
    • '"Katrina After Ten" brought together activists, artists, and intellectuals to discuss critical issues such as environmental racism, gender discrimination, gentrification, mass incarceration, education and privatization; as well as the history and future of social movements in New Orleans. The Environmental Racism and the Future of Urban Social Movements" Panels featured: Joshua B. Guild, Associate Professor of History and African American Studies, Princeton University  o Malik Rahim, Cofounder of Common Ground Collective  o Cindi Katz,
    • Fri Feb 12
    • The Way of the World: A Tribute to Maurice White by Emily J. Lordi
    • The Way of the World: A Tribute to Maurice Whiteby Emily J. Lordi | @EJLordi | NewBlackMan (in Exile)The summer I finished writing a book was the summer I quit smoking. People who have been, or are now, both smokers and writers will know what bad timing this was: how over the years a smoke break can come to seem like the whole point of disciplined work. To be writing intensively with no such reward in
    • Thu Feb 11
    • 'Cause I Slay: A Beyoncé Timeline for February 2016 by Simone C. Drake
    • 'Cause I Slay: A Beyoncé Timeline for February 2016by Simone C. Drake | @SimoneCDrake | NewBlackMan (in Exile)I would like to construct a timeline and consider how it calls for a close analysis of Beyoncé Knowles-Carter's recent trending on social media as well as traditional news media. Almost two weeks ago, Beyoncé was featured in Coldplay's new music video release, "Hymn for a Weekend." The following week and approximately twenty-four hours prior to her scheduled performance